The demonstration, governance and dissemination activities are targeted to different audience groups:


> Farmers, breeders and their associations, technicians (agronomists, nutritionists, environmentalists). The results obtained from the application and evaluation of agronomic best practices and accounting methods, as well as from the proposed governance model, will privilege this audience group.


> Technicians from the regional and municipal control and planning bodies (soil defense and water management services, environmental control, staff of local administrations and parks). They will be involved in the Technical Working Group (TWG) and in the dissemination activities and they will be able to give their contribution regarding the applications produced by the project.


> The technical staff of the regions will be able to use the accounting tools for surveys and scenario constructions on a territorial scale and the results of the project may have an important role in planning future agricultural support and policies (e.g. Emilia Romagna Rural Development Plan forĀ 2021-2027). For this reason, they will have an active and direct involvement in the analysis of the results.


> Administrators and political decision-makers, at local, national and European Union level, interested but not directly involved in the decision-making of the project. Starting from the staff of the 16 municipalities involved and the regional administration, tools will be put in place to reach the Italian and European mountain communities (newsletter, advertising of the project site, etc.).


> Journalists and communicators operating in agricultural and environmental publishing as well as in non-specialized one.


> Citizens and civil society organizations, with particular reference to schools, to raise awareness of the role of agriculture and livestock in protecting the soil and climate change mitigation.


> Agricultural machinery manufacturers will have a key role in the transposition and diffusion, in different contexts, of good practices applied and evaluated on a demonstrative level by Life agriCOlture.